Born and raised on a farm in Iowa, Jeanne grew up in a big family with six siblings (including an identical twin), two parents, and a grandpa. Incidentally, her family was one of the smaller ones in the area. After high school, Jeanne went to Germany for a year as an exchange student. She went to college in Nebraska where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, which she feels she has put to good use every day since. From there, Jeanne migrated to Omaha, NE where she lived for many years. She has a varied and extensive work history in customer service which includes, among other things, being a former flight attendant and owning her own restaurant.

In 2001, Jeanne moved from Nebraska to Green Bay, WI and had a baby exactly three weeks later. That baby came home from the hospital to a motel room. After one year, it was time to move again. In 2002, Jeanne and her family landed on the Eastern Shore, which quickly became home. She lives there with her husband and children, one of which has grown up and moved across the Bay Bridge where he works for an IT company like Tezla. It could be said that raising someone obsessed with technology was preparation for her career at Tezla.

Jeanne loves people, hearing their stories, knowing them personally, and generally delving into what makes them who they are. She looks forward to building her relationships with her customers and is appreciative of the opportunity to be of service to her clients.