Christy Ann Hoffa was born in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania but has spent most of her life growing up on the Eastern Shore. As a young child Christy occupied most of her summers on her families produce farm back in Pennsylvania. When she became of age to drive, she quickly realized spending the summers on the farm were not nearly as enjoyable as spending them on a nice Delaware/Maryland beach. Christy graduated high school from Sussex Technical High School where she played basketball, was the student athletic trainer, and was involved in student government. She was a pharmacy technician for 6 years, a vet tech because she loves animals, and has worked numerous years in the hospitality industry.

Christy has a degree in early childhood education from the University of Delaware, and after spending a short time in the radiology field, decided to change her degree once again to business and health administration at Wilmington University. On her days off you can catch her taking a weekend adventure to a new place, sipping on some wine at a local winery, and spending time with the things that bring her the most joy!