Christy Ann Hoffa was born in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Her childhood was a mix of time spent at her family’s produce farm in Pennsylvania, and time spent on the Eastern Shore. Her teenage years ushered in an era of summers on our beautiful Delaware and Maryland beaches, and school at Sussex Technical High School, where she is an alum. During those years, Christy played basketball, was the student athletic trainer, and was involved in student government. Christy went on to obtain a degree in early childhood education from the University of Delaware. Christy loves education and at one time pursued a degree in radiology. Near its completion, she decided it wasn’t for her and parlayed her credits into a major in Business and Health Administration at Wilmington University. Her degree is almost at hand. While going to school, Christy has always been employed. She worked as pharmacy technician for six years, a vet tech due to her love of animals, and various positions in the hospitality industry. In addition to a strong work ethic, Christy sincerely enjoys her time off. On such an occasion, she could be found on a weekend adventure to a new place, sipping wine at a local winery, or just basking in the people and places which bring her joy.