Phone Systems and Hosted Voice Solutions

Traditional Phone Systems

Tezla Group offers a wide range of telephone and voice solutions for the small, medium, and large-sized business market, as well as the government market. As one of the only authorized NEC dealers on the Eastern Shore, we’re able to provide voice solutions for businesses and offices of any size. We can provide all of the basic and traditional services as well as advanced multi-site features and networking options for larger businesses with the need to communicate between and connect multiple locations. With our expertise in computer and IP networking, we’re able to provide Voice-Over-IP services on our traditional PBX systems as well as our fully hosted IP phone offerings.

WireSpeed Hosted PBX

We are proud to offer a cost savings alternative to the traditional phone system and costly analog phone lines that many small businesses use. With our fully IP-based hosted PBX service, small to medium-sized businesses can take advantage of their already-existing broadband internet connection to make calls to anywhere in the world. Our hosted PBX/VoIP product, called WireSpeed, is flexible, reliable, of high quality, and can greatly reduce your monthly phone service costs while maintaining all of the features that you’re used to having. WireSpeed solutions include items such as unlimited calling, IP-based PRI services, IP-based fax lines, and we can add and remove lines to/from your service in minutes without having to come onsite. As an added benefit, our hosted VoIP PBX service has a simple online control panel where you have the ability to make changes to your configurations and settings without having to contact a technician or schedule a service call. We also offer secure online credit card payments each month, making your life easier and faster.


Tezla Group is everything you want in an IT company, and nothing that you don’t. Whether you need a one-time PC fix-up, a full scale managed network with enterprise security, or anything in between - we can deliver. All of our engineers and consultants are certified and trained to keep your system running; we care about your technology as much as you do. Let us prove it. Your business is our business.

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Our relationship with Tezla Group has allowed our staff to dramatically increase productivity through the use of new technologies. With the implementation of high speed workstations and quad monitor configurations, we’re able to accomplish more in less time. Their recommended backup solution for our servers and workstations has allowed our staff to quickly recover from failed computers and hard drives without reinstalling all of our programs every time.

Our server upgrades are painless and fast, with little or no down-time. Their process for upgrading, adding, or replacing servers over night or over a weekend has saved us countless hours of office and minimized staff down time.