Doug is an Annapolis, MD native. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University with BA and MA degrees, and then served as a Naval Aviator assigned to Patrol Squadron 10, where he tracked Soviet submarines and conducted electronic surveillance. After discharge, he continued his education at Loyola University, where he earned an MBA in finance.

For the past 30 years he has held sales and sales management positions at IBM, AT&T, Siemens, Gartner, and most recently the Computer Science Corporation. His focus throughout his career has been in the Information Technology space. Doug worked with commercial and Federal organizations to assist them in realizing that IT is simply a service that could best be performed by IT-centric organizations. His objective has always been to free organizations from having to make large capital expenditures then support and manage their applications and operations. By not having to manage the IT organization, businesses could focus on their core businesses - they were better able to spend time and resources on managing and growing their businesses.

Doug joined Tezla in 2016, and will work in a Business Consultant role - continuing to focus upon ways to make his customers more responsive, productive with technology, and helping them “do what they do best”.