Born and raised in Baltimore, MD Corey has always had a fascination of how things worked. At a young age he would sit for hours in front of his radio listening for songs to record on cassette. When something would break he would immediately try to tear it apart to see what went wrong. Given his love for music, he learned how to mix music using two turntables and a mixer in his senior year of high school. Creating mixes with music, he was drawn to DJ out in clubs and bars for fun. Bringing curiosity to tear things apart together with creating drawings for mechanical/electrical engineering classes he found himself working with CAD full time modifying house drawings and moved on to designing panel layouts and line diagrams for large scale industrial control cabinets. Corey moved to South Florida in the late 90’s to stretch his legs and took classes in Broadcast Communications, feeding his love for AV technology. Corey worked as a Production Assistant, On-Air talent, and managing multiple weekend and evening radio shows he pursued AV in all environments from basic Residential install to large scale Commercial consultation, design, and installation. He then moved back to Baltimore after a few years in FL, where he started working for Johns Hopkins University in the AV Help-Desk, eventually working with Administrators and JHU Design and Construction, consulting, designing, and installing systems in “FLEX” classrooms, lecture halls, and special projects that would bring him into Implementing AV and IT together. Now at Tezla he hopes to bring his knowledge of AV/IT together and also hone his skills as a IT professional.